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Economic Opportunity
Broadband provides Virginia's businesses, workers, and entrepreneurs the power to realize new markets and job opportunities.
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21st Century Education
Broadband facilitates 21st century teaching and learning in Virginia's classrooms, and everywhere else, equipping students, teachers, and parents through the power of education.
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Advanced Health Care
Broadband opens up new and improved methods for diagnosis and treatment, while lowering costs and barriers associated with providing state-of-the-art health care.
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Enhanced Safety & Security
Broadband improves Virginia's first responders' ability to communicate with each other and the public through fast,
data rich wireless networks.
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Let's Accelerate Virginia

In an effort to expand high-speed Internet access across the state, Virginia Tech's eCorridors program presents Accelerate Virginia, a broadband mapping project.

By taking the speed test, users provide information about Internet accessibility in their community. Along with data from other sources, this information will be used to identify areas in need of increased broadband infrastructure investment.

Better access to affordable of high-speed Internet services will benefit all of Virginia, so help us move Virginia forward to a better future. Run the Accelerate Virginia speed test and then explore this website to learn how you can encourage people in your community to do the same. Let's accelerate Virginia!

Broadband Maps

View these interactive maps of broadband availability from the National Broadband Plan to Virginia's statewide broadband mapping efforts:

Accelerate Virginia Speed Test

TachHelp Accelerate Virginia map current Internet availability throughout the Commonwealth. Run the speed test and get an instant review of your broadband speed connection, as well as a survey of what others in your community are reporting.

Accelerate Your Community

BlacksburgTake an active role in the Accelerate Virginia project. Access resources and learn how you can organize a local speed test campaign in your area.

Connect With Us

Tell us how high-speed Internet has made an impact in your life, or in your community. If you do not have access to broadband in your area, let us know your concerns.

Accelerate Virginia Accelerate Virginia