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The eCorridors program at Virginia Tech is continuing a statewide effort to engage and educate the public and raise awareness about broadband availability in Virginia. Through the AVa Project eCorridors is collecting information on the speed quality of consumer Internet services.

As a partner in the Virginia broadband mapping initiative, eCorridors is responsible for collecting end-user Internet connectivity information, like connection speeds, quality of service, costs, etc. The end-user information collected by Accelerate Virginia will be used to expand on provider data collected by the state to verify the statewide Virginia broadband map.

In addition, eCorridors will be producing value added alternative mapping and informational products such as, end-user generated maps and report generation tools. eCorridors will continue to periodically, and upon request, perform analyses of data collected from the Accelerate Virginia speed test application. As a research tool, Accelerate Virginia will be used to assess the availability, affordability, and quality of Internet services across the state.

Be a part of history

eCorridors and Accelerate Virginia are asking Virginia residents, businesses, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, public safety groups and others to provide information about the quality of their Internet connection. eCorridors is coordinating speed testing campaigns with community leaders to reach more people across the state. Concentrating collection efforts in planning districts will allow eCorridors to give focused attention to geographic divisions of the state.

About eCorridors

Since 2000, eCorridors has conducted research on broadband availability, deployment, adoption, and usage. eCorridors strives to facilitate access to high volume information senses for every person, organization, and community in Virginia and beyond.

About Virginia Tech

Founded in 1872 as a land-grant college, Virginia Tech is the most comprehensive university in the Commonwealth of Virginia and is among the top research universities in the nation. Today, Virginia Tech's nine colleges are dedicated to quality, innovation, and results through teaching, research, and outreach activities. At its 2,600-acre main campus located in Blacksburg and other campus centers in Northern Virginia, Southwest Virginia, Hampton Roads, Richmond, Southside, and Roanoke, Virginia Tech enrolls more than 28,000 undergraduate and graduate students from all 50 states and more than 100 countries in 180 academic degree programs.

Understanding Broadband

Accelerate Virginia Speed Test

TachHelp Accelerate Virginia map current Internet availability throughout the Commonwealth. Run the speed test and get an instant review of your broadband speed connection, as well as a survey of what others in your community are reporting.

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BlacksburgTake an active role in the Accelerate Virginia project. Access resources and learn how you can organize a local speed test campaign in your area.

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Tell us how high-speed Internet has made an impact in your life, or in your community. If you do not have access to broadband in your area, let us know your concerns.

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