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The Power of the Individual

There is a lot you can do to help Accelerate Virginia! First, you can run the speed test on your Internet connection. Then use your social networks to spread the word about Accelerate Virginia. Share this page on Facebook or Twitter, and encourage your friends and family across Virginia to run the speed test. Remember, input will help to verify the state broadband map and identify areas in need of affordable broadband infrastructure investment.

Be the start of something big. Connect with your local planning commission or town council to explore ways you can start a local speed mapping campaign in your community.

Community Campaigns

Contact your local Planning District Commission and ask them to help you initiate a regional speed testing campaign by contacting Accelerate Virginia. Planning districts can provide leadership and connections with local government, business, schools, health and safety facilities, residents, etc. Concentrating efforts in planning districts will allow eCorridors to give focused attention to geographically defined areas within the state.

Identify a local champion to lead the campaign an individual or committee with the presence of strong, dedicated leadership who understands the possibilities of improved broadband connectivity can be a great help in promoting a community speed test campaign. Ask them to contact Accelerate Virginia.

We want to help your community campaign to succeed. Let us know how it is going. We offer a number of resources to help you and your community run a successful campaign.

Additional Resources

Virginia Regional Technologies Councils advocate for issues important to the growth and development of innovative technologies and technology-based organizations and communicate the economic importance of technology to Virginia's education, civic and business leaders.

Virginia companies like, Design Nine Inc., and others can help with telecommunication planning, design, and project management for broadband initiatives. On their website you can find free resources to help communities think about and plan for last mile broadband projects.

Media Resources

Email inquiries may be sent via our contact form. Please include your deadline in all messages. Your request will be routed to the appropriate staff person and you will be contacted as soon as possible.
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