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If you are testing from Virginia please go to the Accelerate Virginia Speed Test.

Welcome to the eCorridors Speed Test

To run a speed test, simply follow the instructions labeled, 1, 2, 3, and then click the button labeled "Click to Run Speed Test".

Need more help?

Once you have completed the speed test, you can view your results, as well as a summary of what others in your community are reporting. To obtain information about an existing map marker, simply click on it. Please note the map only shows the 500 most recently added data points.

Please note these requirements before you run your speed test:

  • Java is required.  Get Java
  • JavaScript must be enabled on your browser.
  • The speed test will not run if your machine is behind a proxy server or a firewall that blocks communication on ports 3001, 3002, and/or 3003.
  • The speed test currently does not support Safari web browser.
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