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How to Run a Speed Test


The eCorridors Community Broadband Access Map application, has been collecting data since 2006. Those who contributed data to the map by running the speed test and adding markers were encouraged to do so from their home or small business Internet connection. Speed test markers are symbolized by download speed and access technology.  The map displays only the last 12 months speed test data.  Older data is archived and available upon request.

To obtain information about an existing map marker, click on it. An information window will appear. Click on the X in the upper right-hand corner of the information window to close it.

System Requirements

Things you need to know before you run a speed test:

    • Java is required to run the speed test. - GET JAVA
    • JavaScript must be enabled on your browser. See your browser's help file for instructions on how to enable JavaScript.
    • The speed test will not run if your machine is behind a proxy server or a firewall that blocks communication on ports 3001, 3002, and/or 3003.
    • The speed test currently does not work with Safari web browser.

Detailed Instructions:
To run a speed test, simply follow the instructions labeled, 1, 2, 3, and then click the button labeled "Click to Run Speed Test". The speed test requires that you mark your testing location on the map. The speed test also requires certain software to run correctly.

  1. Zoom to Your Location - Enter the address (street, city, state, zip) of where you are running this speed test, and click the "Go" button. Be aware, we are not recording your street address. We are only using your address to zoom the map to the location you are testing from.
  2. Drag Marker to Refine Location - The map should zoom to your approximate testing location and a pink teardrop marker will automatically be added to the map to identify your location. This is a temporary marker that has not yet been saved. You can drag this marker to position it more precisely, or delete it and start over. You can use the Google Zoom In/Out slider to better identify your location. Move the cursor (it looks like a hand) over the marker, and click to drag the marker to more accurately identify your testing location. The longitude and latitude of your testing location will be automatically recorded when you zoom to a location, and/or move the marker.
  3. Describe Your Service - In order to achieve a more precise understanding of where and what kind of Internet services are available in Virginia, please fill in as many of the service detail questions as possible:
    • Location Type - Select the type of location you are testing from.
    • Provider - Enter the name of the Internet service provider at your location.
    • Bundled Service? - Select the answer that best describes how you receive Internet access at this location.
    • How is this location connected to the Internet? - Select the type of Internet service you subscribe to.
    • Cost? - Enter the total cost per month you pay for Internet access. If your service is part of a bundle, enter the total cost per month of the bundle.
    • Rate Connection - Select an answer that best describes your overall level of satisfaction with your service as it relates to speed, reliability, and price.
    • How many provider options are available at this location? - Select the number of service providers that you could have purchased Internet service from.
    • Why did you choose this service? - Select the reason that best describes why you purchased this service.
    • Are there faster services offered? - Could you have purchased a service that offered more bandwidth?

Click To Run Speed Test - If you have marked your testing location on the map, the speed test will automatically run in a new window and will take approximately 30 seconds. The test has completed when you see " Click Start to re-test". Click the "Click to Proceed" button at the bottom of the testing screen. Your download and upload speed results will be automatically filled in when you return to the main page. You must have the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 1.4.2 or later installed on your computer and JavaScript must be enabled on your browser to display the page correctly.

Need more help?

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