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Virginia Tech
Network Overview
A major component of the eCorridors approach is widespread deployment of fiber-optic backbone infrastructure paired with an array of broadband last-mile technologies to every community that enable every citizen and business to be not just consumers, but producers of network content and services. Such a "producer network" infrastructure will create a level playing field for Virginia communities to participate in the global, ecommerce marketplace and to leverage opportunities for greater quality of life, healthcare, and educational enhancement. There is no "one-size-fits-all" solution for the technologies, business case, or applications that will prove most successful for individual communities. Rather, each community must be the driver for the development of a suite of solutions that fits their geography, areas of economic emphasis, and interests of its citizens most appropriately. eCorridors exists to facilitate a dialog among Virginia municipalities and private sector providers to discover mutual interests and innovative means of collaborating to achieve common goals. The overall objective is to ensure that the state of Virginia remains positioned as a technology leader for its businesses and its citizens now and in the future.
News Archive
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