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Virginia Tech
Network Overview
The City of Danville is constructing Network Danville (“nDanville” for short), a sophisticated fiber optic broadband network over which digital data, voice, and video signals can be transmitted from point to point in Danville at very high speeds, as well as to and from world­wide locations via the internet. Construction will be completed by the end of the summer. The municipal area network is an­chored at the eDan Mul­timedia Service Access Point (MSAP) located at the Galileo Magnet High School at 230 South Ridge Street. nDanville will con­nect there to MCI’s high-tier national internet backbone. Fiber optic cables will radiate from the MSAP to schools, munici­pal buildings and facili­ties, and utility infra­structure components at approximately 100 loca­tions over a 70-mile route. nDanville will share cabling with the Future of the Piedmont’s “eDan” to the north and with the Mid-Atlantic Broadband Coalition’s “e58” to the east and west.