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Town of Independence Fiber Network
Network Overview
In November 2002, the Mount Rogers Planning District Commission began the first Broadband Initiative project in the district. This project is designed to bring high-speed broadband telecommunications to the Town of Independence. With this project, a fiber backbone will be constructed from the Grayson County Industrial Park on the east end of town, along Highway 58 to the Old Michelin Plant (now owned by Nautilus/Bowflex) on the west end, as well as up Rainbow Circle to serve the new hotel, McAllister Mills, and Darco Southern. A stretch of fiber will also be strung to the Nautilus facility on Powerhouse Road, along Highway 21 north one quarter of a mile, and south on Highway 21 to the nursing home facility. With this coverage, the major industrial users as well as health care providers, educational facilities, government agencies, and local businesses will be connected to the Town's network via fiber or wireless 5.2 GHz radio.