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Virginia Tech
Rhode Island - Wireless Innovation Networks (RI-WINs)
Network Overview
RI is proceeding with plans to implement a statewide, border-to-border, wireless broadband network. This involves the formation of RI-WINs, a private organization (non-profit, for-profit, or private-public partnership structures to be considered) that will focus on providing innovative wireless solutions and services to enterprise users. To maintain this focus, RI-WINs will work with leading communications technology suppliers and service providers to implement the network, and with the RI-EDC to aggressively identify a stream of innovative industry leaders with whom we cooperate to put wireless innovation to work in RI. As much as possible, RI-WINs will layer integrated application services on top of existing network infrastructures; integrating, augmenting and extending them as needed to deliver the solutions required by RI enterprise users. RI-WINs will locate within RIís Business Innovation Factory, which will house the Network Operations and Innovation Center, and provide wireless broadband connectivity to a growing number of innovative organizations to be located there.