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Annotated Bibliography
The purpose of this project is to produce an annotated bibliography of credible works relating to the development of the Internet.

Most of the initial entries are of recent origin and are historically, politically, socially and/or theoretically grounded. Taken together, they represent various perspectives regarding the continuing evolution of the Internet. Admittedly, these entries are biased towards the continuance of open access networks and the need for expansion and availability of next generation Internet services to the general public. With continued additions the goal of this project is to produce a comprehensive collection of credible research material appropriate for citizens and scholars.

The following bibliographic entries help to introduce the concepts of broadband and open access networks. While some of the entries explore how open access came to be, what it means and why the concept is crucial to the continued evolution of the Internet, others examine what it means to be a “next generation” broadband network and why the technology has become increasingly important to society and community life.

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