Krim, Joanthan. "Cable Firms Faulted for Restrictions on Internet Service." June 28, 2002. Link Accessed: 2003-07-08.

Keywords: FCC, Cable


This short article reports on a recent filing of complaint at the Federal Communications Commissions by an influential industry consortium, known as the High Tech Broadband Coalition about the “troubling” restrictions written into some cable modem subscriber agreements. According to the coalition, the restrictions could limit innovation and consumers’ freedom by restricting access to certain bandwidth intensive applications, prohibiting the addition of servers or the use of private networks over the cable network. Although it is not clear if the cable providers are enforcing these restrictions, the coalition, wants the FCC to ensure, through policy, that the cable industry can’t prohibit any type of Internet use from their networks. This complaint is one of many that have been filed since the FCC began considering deregulating the cable and telephone networks.