BEBO Link Accessed: 2008-05-20.

Contributor: Sarah Farmer

Keywords: Social Networking, Safety

Abstract: Bebo is a social networking site launched in 2005 with over 40 million registered accounts. It has become very popular in the US, UK, Ireland, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, as it is available in English, German, Polish and French. It includes all of the commonplace features that most social networking sites have—photo sharing, blogging, profiles, friends list, comment section, groups, etc., but Bebo takes a step beyond the normality of most social networking sites. The site promotes and encourages safety of its users more than other social networking sites, and it even includes a Bebo Safety page which is devoted to increasing awareness of internet safety issues. They are committed to taking social networking “to the next level”, soliciting user input regarding ways to enhance and further improve the concept of social networking. One unique feature of Bebo is its integration with AIM, Windows Live Messenger, and Skype messenger accounts. Users can operate these instant messenger accounts directly through the Bebo website. And unlike facebook and other networking websites, Bebo denies ownership rights to all submitted materials that are posted or displayed on their website, again making Bebo a safe place to socialize.