Krim, Jonathan. "Does Fast Internet Need a Push?" Washington Post. A01. 2002-01-15

Keywords: broadband, legislation


According to Bruce Mehlman, former policy strategist for Cisco Systems Inc. and currently assistant secretary of commerce for technology policy says that more “broadband” is an economic priority for the Bush administration. Technology industry leaders (TechNet and CSPP among others) have launched a major lobbying effort to call not only for mere “broadband” but a commitment to “advanced broadband” deployment ( a network at least 100 times faster than FCC defined “broadband”) Industry leaders are urging legislation which will clear the path for the build out of advanced network infrastructure by overriding certain state and local land use restrictions. Today’s “broadband” technologies (DSL, cable modem) are interim technologies, stopgap solutions that are not fast enough to enable the interactive multimedia applications that will drive adoption and consumer use.