Klein, Naomi China's All-Seeing Eye Rolling Stone Magazine May 29, 2008 http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/story/20797485/chinas_allseeing_eye. Link Accessed: 2009-01-29.

Contributor: vjp

Keywords: surveillance, security camera, biometrics

Abstract: Klein describes the emergence of a new Chinese experimental city. Shenzhen is “China’s youngest and most modern city,” a city of “pure commerce,” the first economic zone where capitalism would be allowed to flourish. Developed just thirty years ago Shenzhen is a closed city, a “cocoon” of consumerism isolated from the rest of China. Today Shenzhen is home to more then 12 million people, all accounted for and lovingly watched over 24/7. Shenzhen is the most watched city in the world, with some 200,000 surveillance cameras, making it fertile ground for perfecting the “Police State 2.0.” China of course uses the more comforting term “Golden Shield” to refer to its high-tech police state. Shenzhen’s people tracking surveillance shield is based on “homeland security” technologies supplied by American multinational corporations such as IBM, HP, Cisco and others. American corporations are earning mega profits from China’s need to maintain social control. “There is big money to be made” from China’s security consumption and Shenzhen has become “the place where all the spy toys are being hooked together and tested to see what they can do.” Integrated surveillance technologies are one of the fastest going markets in Shenzhen and they are ready for export. Now, Shenzhen security firms are ready to make some mega profits of their own by breaking into the U.S market by selling integrated security technologies and stock on the Nasdaq.