Weber, Tom. "Is Broadband the Answer? Unfortunatley, Not Always." The Wall Street Journal Online. 2002 Jan.

Keywords: DSL, cable, broadband, policy


Why is the adoption of current broadband technologies moving so slow? Why aren’t customers clamoring for broadband services? There are two main reasons; inefficient technology and copyright dilemmas. Some industry leaders (TechNet) believe that the current broadband options (DSL, cable modem) are unsatisfactory technologies that don’t allow you to do all that much new. They believe that “the most critical broadband policy issue is encouraging investment to bring high-speed Internet access to the home”. Today, the most popular Internet activity is e-mail regardless of connection type (broadband or dial-up). Until there is compelling reason for customers demand broadband services, there just isn’t reason enough to spend the extra money. Adoption is not the only obstacle in the way of broadband demand. While the DSL and cable modem providers struggle to find new ways to promote there services, copyright battles over content have crippled some of the most popular broadband dependent applications such as Nabster and Internet TV.