Clark, D. D.; Reed, D. P., and Saltzer, J. H. "Active Networking and End-to-End Arguments." Link Accessed: 2003-07-08.

Keywords: End-to-End, open access,active networks


Clark, Reed and Saltzer provide comments on the design controversy over “active networking”, a category of communications network architectures in which programs are attached to the data packets with the intent of being executed at points within the network. The purpose; to better match the behavior of the network to the requirements of the application. This notion is counter to the end-to-end arguments which advocate keeping the core network simple by not imposing any service, feature or restriction on the network; rather it is assumed the application knows best what it needs and will provide those services. So does active networking violate the end-to-end principles? Not exactly but Clark, Reed and Saltzer suggest that the benefits of optimizing around applications are as yet unproven.