Meeks, Brock N. "Better democracy through technology (The Next 50 Years; Our Hopes, Our Visions, Our Plans)." Communications of the ACM, Feb. 1997 v40 n2 p75(4)

Keywords: government, community, electronic voting


This article depicts a futuristic view of how government and community will be restored and faith in democracy will be renewed by technology, specifically the Internet. Community level participation in local government, electronic voting, a redistribution of power - from top down, elitist driven, to public driven bottoms up efforts will occur as the result of on-line participation. Meeks envisions that technology will play a crucial role in rebuilding community and will be instrumental in revitalizing democracy. Meeks believes that as the people become empowered, the politicians will become accountable - no longer able to ignore the populace. Policy will bubble up from grassroots campaigns.