Weaver, James H., Michael T. Rock, and Kenneth Kusterer (1997). “The Role of Civil Society.” In Achieving Broad-Based Sustainable Development: Governance, Environment, and Growth with Equity. West Hartford, CT: Kumarian Press. Pp. 208-219., 1997

Keywords: community development, non-profit


This artical is not directly related to the Internet but concerns important aspects of community development that could be incorporated into community networks.

Organizational development is the increased capacity of a single organization. Societal development is attributable at least in part to the increased capacity of all organizations in the society. Together, organizational development and societal development constitutes what is referred to as broad-based sustainable development (BBSD). A civil society forms through the increase of social capital, connections and relations within a community and results in a network of nongovernmental, non-profit organizations.

How does the non-profit sector affect organizational development? Non-profits are non-government organizations (NGO). Non-profits behave differently than for-profits since they usually provide services to people on some basis other than their willingness or ability to pay. Non-profits are not always charitable or concerned with those less fortunate. Non-profits are about providing services that wouldn’t otherwise exist without the time and labor of volunteers. Nothing is more important than human rights and the capacity to enforce their own policies and protect their own citizens.