Putnam, Robert “The Prosperous Community: Social Capital and Public Life.” The American Prospect, 13 (spring 1993): 35-42 http://www.prospect.org/print/V4/13/putnam-r.html. Link Accessed: 2003-08-01.


This article is not directly related to Internet development but is


This article is not directly related to the Internet but it is relevant to community efforts in developing Internet related projects.

Everyone in a community benefits when everyone cooperates. Simply stated; coordination and cooperation among citizens for the good of all. Putman calls this concept social capital. Social capital is being recognized as an import facet of sustainable community life and it has become a vital component to economic development efforts worldwide. Through coordination and cooperation government effectiveness can be enhanced. It is important to recognize however that social capital may not benefit everyone. For instance, what happens when there are social inequalities or discriminatory perspectives within a community that benefit some and not others? The challenge of the concept of social capital is to weight the cost verses the benefits.