Hollifield, C. Ann., Donnermeyer, Joseph, F. “Creating demand: influencing information technology diffusion in rural communities.” Government Information Quarterly 20 (2003) 135-150.

Keywords: adoption, rural, policy makers


Rural communities face the duel dilemma of the lack access to advanced communication technologies coupled with the traditionally low adoption rates of new technologies among rural populations. Access and demand go hand in hand, to be economical, there must be demand, but there must be access to generate demand. This study aims to identity strategies that may encourage more rapid adoption of information technologies while identifying the variables related to the adoption of information technologies among rural populations.” The authors conclude that institutional structures such as work, schools, libraries, churches, clubs, etc within rural communities play a significant role in the adoption (or not) of information technologies. Identifying the institutions that provide residents with opportunities to observe and try new technologies can be a key strategy in creating demand in rural settings. Thus, policy makers should encourage the adoption of information technologies among local business, schools, churches etc, as a way stimulate more rapid demand.