Iowa Assoiciation of Municipal Utilities “Competitive Markets, Municipal Utilities, and the Myth of Leveling the Playing Field.” IAMU Position Papers for the 2004 Legislative Session Link Accessed: 2005-02-17.

Contributor: Adam Collet

Keywords: municipal infrastructure


The Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities (IAMU), is an organization dedicated to opposing Iowa legislation that limits a communities right to develop essential infrastructure. The IAMU has developed a collection of position papers for the 2004 legislative session. While these papers are specific to Iowa, they speak to core issues that affect municipal provision of services nationwide.

In their position statement regarding broadband telecommunications, the IAMU examines myths associated with municipal provision of telecommunications services. This paper is in response to lobby efforts by the private sector to enact legislation that would impose restrictive conditions on publicly owned and operated telecommunication infrastructure. The private sector is asking Iowa legislators to “level the playing field,” effectively making it harder, if not impossible for municipalities to provide broadband infrastructure to their communities. By “leveling the playing field,” the private providers are trying to eliminate competition from the public providers. The IAMU asserts that legislative attempts to “level the playing field” inevitably favor the private sector.

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Contributed by: Adam Collet - Accounting & Information Systems, Virginia Tech