Broache, Anne Net neutrality field in Congress gets crowded c/net May 19, 2006 Link Accessed: 2006-05-24.

Contributor: VJP

Keywords: Network neutrality


This article outlines a recent Senate bill to amend the Communications Act of 1934 to ensure net neutrality, introduced by Olympia Snow (R) of Maine, S. 2917. This bill has won bipartisan support as well as praise from net neutrality advocates.  Included is this handy reference table of the six telecommunication reform bills introduced in this Congressional session:


Bill number Lead sponsor(s) What It Proposes Status
S.2360 Wyden (D) No two-tier Internet Still in Senate committee
S.2917 Snowe (R) and Dorgan (D) No two-tier Internet Just introduced
HR5417 Sensenbrenner (R) and Conyers (D) Antitrust extended to Net neutrality Just introduced
HR5273 Markey (D) No two-tier Internet Still in House committee *
HR5252 Barton (R) and Rush (D) FCC can police complaints Awaiting House floor vote
S.2686 Stevens (R) and Inouye (D) FCC will do a study Senate committee vote expected in June