Worten, Ben The Net Neutrality Debate: You Pay, You Play CIO http://www.cio.com/archive/041506/net.html. Link Accessed: 2006-05-25.

Contributor: vjp

Keywords: Network Neutrality, DSL, cable


An interesting article that focuses on the impact the loss of network neutrality will have on CIOs and corporate telecommunication decision making. Recent federal rulings that cable and DSL services – which constitutes about 98% of all high speed connections in the U.S. - are information services and not telephony thus are no longer subject to network neutrality provisions under current telecommunication law.  This change opened the door to vast new revenue generating options for network owners, such as tiered services, and the possibility of owners instituting new Internet architectures and standards on their networks. Such changes would  inevitably lead to interoperability issues and a Balkanization of the Internet.  As is mentioned early on, the bottom line is money, and the debate over preserving network neutrality is ‘just window dressing for a less gentlemanly argument over who get to profit in the online economy.’