Michael Grebb Neutral Net? Who Are You Kidding? Wired News May 31, 2006 http://www.wired.com/news/technology/internet/1,71012-0.html. Link Accessed: 2006-06-01.

Contributor: vjp

Keywords: Network neutrality, common carriage, gatekeeping, peering, routing


Michael Grebb provides an different perspective and a pointed look at the ‘charade of network neutrality.’  In this article, Grebb reminds us that the Internet has always been  a less democratic and egalitarian space then most realize. Favoritism and gatekeeping in the forms of  peering,  tiering,  routing, and the sifting packets, is nothing new but has always been tolerated in a kind of gentlemanly fashion.  But now, as ‘common carriage’ rules have been eliminated from the broadband equation, industry giants want to formalize (doesn’t that imply regulation?) these behaviors so they can maximize their business plans. Accompanying this article is a chart of the competing House and Senate network neutrality bills currently under consideration.