Spatulatta; cooking 4 kids online Link Accessed: 2006-07-06.

Contributor: vjp

Keywords: Food Award, Webcast, food category, kids

Abstract: Okay, so this isn’t the typical academic listing of a “cultural” Internet application but this site won a 2006 James Beard Foundation Food Award in the Webcast Category. Sisters, Isabella (10 years old ) and Olivia (8 years old) Gerasole are the youngest winners ever to receive one of these prestigious food awards. As co-hosts, they demonstrate how to prepare foods designed to be easy enough for kids to make and enjoy. Occasionally the gals will point out when it might be appropriate to ask an adult for help. They even invite guests to cook with them and to teach them new recipes. For instance there are episodes that include neighbors and friends, The 2005 American Honey Queen (seriously) and someone called Chef Jorge from a Mexican Café. But seriously, there are good and unique recipes here and its just plain fun to watch the preparations. If children and/or food are the cultural heart of society, then this website is a refreshing and important cultural Internet application. Try it, its worth the bandwidth!