The Virginia Center for Digital History University of Virginia Link Accessed: 2006-07-10.

Contributor: vjp

Keywords: digital collections, history, University of Virginia, Jamestown


The Virginia Center for Digital History (VCDH) promotes the teaching and learning of history using digital technologies. VCDH is an independent center within the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Virginia, charged with creating new forms of historical scholarship, performing public service and outreach. Digital collections of scholarly historical material have been made available to the general public for educational and cultural enrichment.  For instance, the Jamestown Interactive project features a “virtual Jamestown” which includes maps, images, virtual panoramas of the Jamestown Fort, and an Algonkian village.  VCDH is home to a number of other digital projects spanning the range of American history, from the Jamestown settlement, to the Civil War, to the Civil Rights movement.