Fabchannel www.fabchannel.com. Link Accessed: 2006-08-01.

Contributor: vjp

Keywords: entertainment, video on demand, concert, live music, Paradiso, De Melkweg


Fabchannel (www.fabchannel.com) is an innovative entertainment company that provides one of the largest concert video archives available in the world, offering FREE, live and/or on demand concert video. Fabchannel’s mission; “we record, you choose” and their objective is to expose a global audience to up and coming artists of various genres that wouldn’t get air time on popular radio or television. Fabchannel was founded by Paradiso, Amsterdam, the city’s premier concert hall and one of Europe’s most popular live music venues.  In addition to performances at Paradiso, live music performed at De Melkweg, - one of Holland’s most popular clubs, are also available online.  


Discussions are underway with city government of Amsterdam, to ensure not just concerts at Paradiso and De Melkweg are freely available, but other cultural events in the city are streamed live and/or recorded for on demand viewing  over the Fabchannel platform as well