Jessica Clark and Tracy Van Slyke Fighting the Media’s ‘Plantation Mentality’ In These Times January 18, 2007 Link Accessed: 2007-01-18.

Contributor: vjp

Keywords: media reform, network neutrality

Abstract: This article highlights the topics that arose out of a panel discussion, entitled Building and Sustaining Independent Media that took place at the third National Conference for Media Reform in Memphis Tennessee. What is evident from the discussion is that you can not talk about media reform in general without bringing up network neutrality in particular. Why? Today, big media or ‘corporate media’ dominates most every form of journalistic and entertainment medium; film, TV (cable, satellite), radio, the Internet, newspapers, etc. As such ‘corporate media’ dominates what we see, read, hear, think about and base our attitudes on. The panel speakers (Bill Moyer, Rev. Jesse Jackson Jr, Jane Fonda for example) stressed the need for a more equitable, diverse, neutral media environment, - not the corporate dominated environment that is so pervasive today. These are the same basic issues underpinning the network neutrality debate as well. Media reform and network neutrality advocates are allies who oppose the ‘plantation mentality’ of corporate dominated media.