Bruce Dixon The Blacks Stake in the Internet: Net Neutrality is an African American Issue The Black Commentator - Issue 183 May 11, 2006 Link Accessed: 2007-01-20.

Contributor: vjp

Keywords: African American, network neutrality


The May 2006 cover story of The Black Commentator – “A weekly Internet magazine features commentary, analysis and investigation on issues affecting African Americans” – features an article about the politics of network neutrality and how the Telco industry has manipulated African American leadership into supporting the privatization of the Internet. The Black Commentator (BC) considers this as an “act of treachery against the interest of African Americans.”  Indeed, opponents of network neutrality provision and those aiding their cause threaten the rights of all citizens, everywhere. Dixon’s article is an especially good example of how the loss of network neutrality provisions will widen the cultural, political, economic, digital divides, within our country.