Health-Care On-Ramps: A Road Map to Western States' Information Highways Western Governors' Assoiciation April 1998 Link Accessed: 2007-02-16.

Contributor: vjp

Keywords: telemedicine, telecommunication, strategic planning, medical service providers


This piece is dated but worth lookin at. Governors and state legislators should insist on a tighter integration of strategic planning efforts for telemedicine and telecommunications. This should be done on a statewide basis (health agencies, educational institutions, general services agencies, etc.) given the substantial investments states have and will make in equipment. Private sector telecommunications companies, telemedicine equipment manufacturers, and private medical services providers should be at the table as well.  For telemedicine to reach its full potential, governors and legislators should resolve both interstate and intrastate legal and policy barriers.  This piece also provides a snapshop of telecommunication activies/servies available in the western states.