Town and Gown Align to Support Research The Chronicle of Higher Education: Campus Viewpoints Link Accessed: 2007-02-16.

Contributor: vjp

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This piece explores how cities, universities, and academic medical centers can join together to form mutually beneficial partnerships that promote regional vitality as well as university development. Nowhere is there greater potential for a productive alignment than in the area of research. Academic research can be a powerful engine of regional development and a key differentiator in the competition for investment, jobs, and quality of life in the nation's metropolitan areas. Progress from scientifc research can quickly translate to economic and social progress as well. Mayors, governors, and other civic officials seeking to improve the quality of life for local residents and the competitive strength of their region should make support for research a central tenet of their agendas. Likewise, universities and their corporate and medical partners should seek ways to align their research activities with the developmental needs of their host regions.  Regional political leaders can assist universities and academic medical centers in obtaining federal research funding both through advocacy and through providing matching dollars that demonstrate local commitment to research activities.