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Virginia Tech
Working Paper 1: What Should be the Public Role in the Development of Advanced Network Infrastructure?
Written By: Brenda Neidigh
Date Modified: 2001-05-16
Summary: Access to emerging high bandwidth advanced network and communications is critical to community and regional competitiveness and economic sustainability in today's economy. Without such access, communities are unable to attract new technology companies, or to develop a technology-literate workforce and thereby retain their young college graduates, and are unable to transition existing businesses to the new global economy. Longstanding deregulatory policy towards advanced communications services has contributed to the phenomenal growth of the Internet in consumer and business use. This phenomenal growth, however, has been uneven--mostly concentrated in the urban and high tech centers. The vast majority of rural communities do not have economically viable access to high bandwidth services. Given current realities, the disparity in diffusion is likely to continue in the foreseeable future.
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