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Virginia Tech
The Case for Municipal Provision of Competitive Broadband Infrastructure
Written By: Brenda van Gelder
Date Modified: 2004-05-01
Summary: Society is entering an age of learning, an age in which the success of individuals, organizations, communities, regions, states, and nations will depend on their degree of integration into a developing learning and discovery infrastructure. Accordingly, one goal of the EDUCAUSE Net@EDU Broadband Policy Group (BPG) is to ensure the availability of high-bandwidth, advanced Internet and communications services at commodity prices reflecting the full potential of emerging new technologies in a robust, competitive market. The problem, however, is that the United States does not currently have "robust, competitive markets" at the local or regional levels. For the past decade, market issues, more than technical requirements, have driven the need for higher education interests to aggregate services—to capture traffic—at the campus, community, regional, state, and national levels. With the new opportunities presented by technological advancements in today’s societal evolution, a radically different communications and network infrastructure is required.
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