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Technology / Applications
Next Generation Internet Applications are new applications that take full advantage of low-latency, high-speed (hundreds of Mbps to multi-Gbps) end-to-end networking. Emphases is placed on enabling revolutionary capabilities as opposed to incremental enhancement of existing applications.
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Policy / Legislation
State and federal regulators, legislators, and policy makers are beginning to comprehend the price their constituents are paying for the communications industry's rational reluctance to deploy technologies that do not sustain current ways of doing business and profit margins. Promises by these traditional players to meet new economy requirements for communications services and protectionist pleadings are received with increasing skepticism, and with more critical assessment. Policy is rapidly tilting towards accepting and encouraging innovators, new service providers and increased competition.
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Economy / Business
In this twenty-first century network economy, being second to market with a great idea is worth just about nothing. Varying levels of regional competitiveness and productivity tend to be a function of having critical masses of people having the facility to gather new information and to develop insight about new things on, or just over, the horizon. Perhaps Ben Davenport of Chatham, Virginia said it best, "To compete in this new economy we need something that no one else has, but that everyone will want and need." From that "something" may come the biggest advantage of all, people with unique u nderstanding about the next generation of information and network technologies, and the new products and emerging industries leveraging them.
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Community Telecom Assessment Tools
Here is a collection of tools that will help community officials evaluate their community technology and telecom needs and assests.
» Community Telecom Assessment Tools
Funding Opportunities
» Funding Opportunities
Invent the Future

Here are some key IT initiatves:

  • High Performance Computing
  • Security and Privacy
  • National Lambda Rail
  • Mid-Atlantic Terascale Project
  • Wireless Networking
  • Optical Network Infrastructure

If you’d like to learn more about these initiatives, or if you have a business idea that would benefit from research advances in these areas, please contact the Virginia Tech Information Technology department at (540) 231-1853 or email the eCorridors group at

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Society / Culture
» Society / Culture
Success Stories
» Success Stories
» Telehealth